Towards the First Interval

At the end of 2022, we concluded our open call for participation in the first in-situ research interval. We were honoured by receiving many thrilling applications, emphasising the breadth that current collaborative practices have. After talking to several of the people who sent their proposals, not only were we able to finish the composition of our first interval’s team, but we also put together the teams of the second and third interval, which take place next year.

The guest artist-researchers coming into the project will be Ludvig Elblaus and Charlotta Ruth (first interval), Yucef Merhi and Elena Redaelli (second interval), Andrea Bakketun and Sophie Fetokaki (third interval).

For now, you can read up on Ludvig and Charlotta on the people page. Ludvig is a Stockholm-based composer and sound artist, Charlotta is a Vienna-based choreographer and interdisciplinary artist. Since the beginning of the year, we have begun a bi-weekly online exchange, in which we share our practices and perceptions and develop a common understanding of the scope and strategies of the project.