Arrival in Graz

interval 1 team on a balcony

In the past week, we have begun the in-situ work in Graz, meeting at Reagenz, Studio KI, and Neue Technik. The photo was taken at lunch break, from left to right: Charlotta Ruth, Daniele Pozzi, Franziska Hederer, Hanns Holger Rutz, Nayarí Castillo, Ludvig Elblaus.

The materials we are currently developing will be available under a Creative Commons license, but for now we keep the process internal to the group. In the coming week, we will plan our intensive retreat at the Schrattenberg compound, in which the group will be joined by Emma Cocker from our advisory team. Some initial results will be presented at the IEM’s Signale Soirée on 24 April at 6 pm (Inffeldgasse 10, Graz).